Smelling the Coffee and Roses

Often times, one forgets to take a moment and just take a look around at the beauty of everything that surrounds them.

Fuck this shit. If I had money my life would have no problems and I could have possibly won those scholarships. But because I didn’t have money, I couldn’t take dance classes. Because I didn’t take dance lessons, I wasn’t as qualified for the scholarship. Everyone who won a scholarship is already well off and their parents have money. I’ll just struggle for the rest of my life. It isn’t fair. 


You cannot look at Geraldine Somerville’s (Lily Potter) eyes and compare them to Daniel Radcliffe’s and tell me that “Harry doesn’t have his mother’s eyes.” They may have messed up on the casting of Lily Evans, but they were spot on for Lily Potter who sacrificed her life to save her son’s. 

(Source: mantheboundaries)